Xibo player stops working

i have read a few post here but none of them seem to be exactly the same as i my issue and some of the fixes listed in there havent resolved the problem.

i have all of sudden had one of our displays stop working once we changed the display. restart xibo player and it displays for approx 5sec then either goes to black screen or xibo splash screen.

we were running client 1.7.7 so upgraded server and client to 1.7.8. same thing happens.
it hasn’t happened to our other displays (we have 4 in total).
i have tried a working display on the machine that isn’t working and it still crashes.

i then thought maybe it was a connection problem between the laptop and the CMS so set up a brand new machine. to no success.
we have recreated the display for this screen thinking their may have been an issue and still same thing.

any ideas?

to note, we are running xibo client 1.7.7 (as i rolled back) on winodws 7 32-bit.
i have not encounted any memory errors so don’t believe this is a leak in the memory causing the issue.
have disabled all explorer ad-ons and re-registered the jscript.dll.
all to no avail.

Could you show us a screenshot of status window on your device please?

There should be some errors etc. that should help us know what could be wrong

This may be a really dumb question but where would i find that. Know most
of the operation side of xibo but not the logs ect.

When the Player is running, press i to bring up the status screen.

Also ensure that you’ve applied all the available Windows Updates (including the optional dot net framework updates), and have updated your graphics drivers to the latest available.

Finally ensure you’re running the 1.7.8 Player release as it contains updates in this area. I know you said you already tried it, but then rolled back.

Thanks ill check updates and upgrade again then ill do another screen shot
tomorrkw. Thanks for your help.

fixed the issue. thank you.

noticed that it was failing to set the background.
i changed the display to no background and it came good. so i then reimported the background image to the media and then assigned it to the display and it started working as it did before the issues started.
i think because it failed to set the background it caused the program to stop working and not load the regions and the data in the regions.

thank you for your help only noticed as i brought up the status page.

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