Xibo player restarts every 24 hours

Hi. I have 2 displays running 24/7 (player and CMS version 1.7.9). Both are playing different layouts - 1 has a single jpg (set as default) and the other a series of videos (set as a schedule). At 10:01:xx each morning (it is always 10:01 - the seconds vary) both displays stop playing and then restart (it appears that watchdog may be doing the restarting). The log for each display shows “No active processes” at that same time each day:

540 2016-10-10 10:01:31 Client No active processes
538 2016-10-09 10:01:57 Client No active processes

Is there a setting that is causing the displays to restart each morning? It seems like it cannot be a coincidence. I would not mind it, except that 10:01 is a bad time (each display is down for about 1 minute). If the displays need to restart, I’d like to set a different time.


The log shows the watchdog starting the player because it has been stopped or it crashed.

The watchdog can be configured to kill the player application and restart it on a schedule, but it isn’t setup to do that by default, and it would show in the log that it was doing so. If you look at the watchdog application on the Player, is it showing any other information there?

Check in your Program Files (x86)\Xibo\Watchdog\x86\XiboClientWatchdog.exe.config file.

Make sure the entry for PlayerRestartTime is set like this:

<setting name="PlayerRestartTime" serializeAs="String">
    <value />

There appears to be a bug in the installer which is causing that to default to 10:00 in some cases. We’ll release a new version of the installer shortly to rectify the issue.

I checked, and PlayerRestartTime is set to 10:00, as you suspected:


Is there any harm in setting it to 05:00 (as mentioned, I don’t mind the restart, just not @ 10:00), or is it better to leave no restart.


There’s no issue with configuring 5am. When you install an updated MSI that setting will be overwritten back to blank (since we need to ensure those who have had it set to 10am unknowingly get this resolved) so you’ll need to put the setting in there after your next upgrade too.

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