Xibo player - resend admin request

I am brand new to xibo player and I am trying to add a new display that is on a windows laptop. in the config window for the player I am getting a message that the admin request has been sent however I have not received the request and it does not show up in the management tool.

I have reinstalled the player and it continues to state it is awaiting admin authorization yet the request does not show up in the display admin.

What should I be doing to create the connection with my xibo player?

Could you show me a screenshot of Displays page in your CMS please?

It would be also good if you could mentioned CMS and player versions.

My Xibo CMS version is:

Xibo Digital Signage - www.xibo.org.uk. Version 1.8.9

The Player is 1.8.10

I tried to populate the details for the display directly in the CMS display field but that doesnèt seem to have ameans to send the details out.


You’ve entered some display details in the filter fields, with that it’s not surprising that you don’t see any displays in the table below.

I’d highly suggest to clear these filters - display group/profile authorised as well as the MAC address and name.

With the Authorised filter alone set to Yes, it will not show you displays that are not authorised - and newly connected devices are not authorised.

Please clear the filters, it should show you all displays connected to this CMS then.