Xibo Player Preview only plays 720p videos

Hi there,

I have uploaded video on my xibo cms, on different ratio. I have uploaded, 480p, 720p, 1080p video. But how could it be that only the 720p only plays when I preview my layout? And possible solution for this?

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720p 1080p are both 16:9 aspect ratio, 480p in most cases is 4:3 but can be 16:9 as well.

On what type and version of a player did you try it?
I assume your monitor/screen has 720p output?
Did you see any kind of error on status screen of your client?

The layout preview relies on your browser to play back the videos. So you’ll need to make sure your videos are in a format your browser can play for them to work.

For most browsers, that means H264 MP4 videos. Anything else will render as a black box. You can click the box to skip through that video.

Note however if you do use other formats that your Players can render then they’ll work OK when the layout actually runs on a real Player.

Thank you for your answer. I think I have found the issue, The video is playing but it takes time to load, Also I inspect element on crhome and on the network when previewing the video, it will load all the video for example 20MB video. Is it possible to play the video while loading?

Thanks for your help.

No, in preview it will need to fully load first.

But where it matters ie on the display, it will play just fine (after initial download before first play)

Is it posible to add a loading indicator, so that the user will expect that the video will play and they need only to wait to the video to successfully load.

The video is downloaded while you see the splash screen with the loading indicator. If it’s downloading it again after that then I’d suggest you have some issues with either your local browser cache or the headers your webserver is sending preventing the video from being cached locally

Thank you for that quick answer. Maybe there is something wrong with my browser cache… Another thing, Is xibo can indicate if the video is corrupted? because I have a video, I can play in on my media player but when i upload it the video finished loading but it is not playing either.

As I mentioned before it’s the browser that plays the video. If it can’t decode it then the browsers just show a black square.