Xibo Player impossible to connect on cms error with XMDS

Hello and sorry for bad english speaking,

I instaled xibo cms on awindows 10 machine with xampp 7,
my cms adress in on localhost.




I thus put this informations in xibo player options.
And here is his return :

> "Status
> Le client a trouvé ‘text/plain;charset=UTF-8’ comme type de contenu de la réponse, alors qu’il attendait ‘text/xml’.
> La demande a échoué avec le message d’erreur :
> –
> There has been an unknown error with XMDS, it has been logged. Please contact your administrator.
> --."

Somebody can help me ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Cyril, welcome to the community!

Please can you confirm the version of your CMS and the player version you have installed? You can find the CMS version on the login page beneath the password field and you can find the player version in the Xibo player options application if you click the about tab.

Many Thanks.

Hi and thanks for your response,
my player is v3R0302 and my cms is 2,1.
I was unable to install the newer versions of the cms (I did not understand why, I had to try all versions to finally successed in this one).
Do you have any idea ?

Thank you for confirming the player and CMS version. Xibo for Windows R302 is not backwards compatible, it requires CMS version 3. Please can you uninstall the player and try R258 instead? You can download a copy of the player here.

Many Thanks.

OK I’m going to do it and try again,
I’ll come back with the result.
Thank you very much for help (several hours trying a solution before my post :grimacing:)

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Hi, I tried with this version and it works.
Thank you very much :smiley:

Excellent news, thank you for updating the post and confirming the issue is resolved!

Many Thanks.

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