Xibo Player deleted from CMS


I am having troubles with a Xibo player which can’t connect to the CMS.
Quick summary :

We usually have 5 players connected at the same time, which display the same informations.
This morning when we came in to work, we noticed one screen was frozen and had to restart it.
We then did the weekly update about the informations displayed, and had the surprise to see one screen didn’t take it into account.

I checked the xibo player options and everything had been reset. (CMS Address, CMS Key, Library path, hardware key).

I copied the informations (except for the hardware Key) from another player (they all connect to the same CMS) but when i hit the “Connect” button, it says “Status : Bad Request”
The computer has access to Internet and can connect to the CMS Web Interface.

Last point : The player is not detected anymore in the “Displays” section of the CMS Web page.

And an even stranger thing : another player is not detected too, but works perfectly fine (it took into account the changes we made this morning).

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