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I am running Xibo v2.3.8 with a Windows 10 Xibo Player. I am having an issue where cookies are not enabled on the web browser of the Xibo player. Cookies are required to display the website I am displaying. I have seen previous posts like this from five or so years ago, but they did not have any resolutions to the problems. From these posts, I understand that Xibo Player uses Internet Explorer to load web content. I can successfully access the website in IE on the same machine and it will store cookies. However, when the website is embedded on a slide on Xibo, it says that cookies are not enabled. Is there any way to allow cookies or get in touch with the developers about adding this feature?

TL;DR: A website embedded in a Xibo layout requires cookies to work, but Xibo does not allow them.

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Some users have reported that by clicking the accept cookies box can be enough to resolve the issue, but not always guaranteed.

You don’t mention what Player version you are using but if you are using R25x you can add <!-- BROWSER=edge --> to the HTML section of the embedded Widget to use the Edge browser instead which may provide a solution for you.

Failing this, the other option would be to contact the owners/creators of the webpage you wish to display and ask if they can provide an alternative version that could bypass or remove the cookies.

Natasha, this works for me. Thank you very much for the support. I was wondering, does that browser flag allow for Chrome and Firefox to work as well? Or is Edge the only browser supported with this feature>?

Glad to hear that’s a solution for you :+1:
Its only supported with Edge

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