XIBO player can't connect to the CMS on Windows 10 Docker configuration

CMS Version

I am using version 2.3.6. (couldn’t find the revision number)

Installation Method


Operating System

Windows 10 pro version 1903


Hello all,

I’m new here and English is my second language. I’ll do my best to describe to issue as detailed as possible.

I have installed the Xibo CMS using Docker. I can approach the CMS through chrome using localhost.

The challenge is, that the player I have installed on another Windows 10 machine can’t connect to the server.

The things I have done so far:

  • Changed the ‘XMR Public address’ (under settings and displays) to the external IP address (found with IP4.me)
  • Created a rule in the Windows firewall, for the inbound ports as suggested in this topic:(Client Software "Unable to Connect to Remote Server").
  • Changed the CMS to the correct timezone (under settings and regional).

When I try to connect with the player, I use the same IP address that I put in the ‘XMR public address’ field in the CMS (two differences in the CMS the IP starts with TCP, in the player it’s HTTP and in the player it’s followed by :9505).

Furthermore, I use the code that is listed at ‘CMS secret key’ in the CMS.

Things I thought could be the problem:

  • The wrong protocol for the firewall on the CMS machine? (currently TCP).
  • The docker ‘server’ has a different external IP address ? (if so, I couldn’t find it)

Any suggestions, tips and help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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