Xibo player Android

I’m already using Xibo players under Windows with release and cms 1.7.8.
I’m testing at present a player android with one trial license during 14 days.
The machine is one tv box under android 6.0.
It works well, but I noticed that when we start the player and that the network does not work, we do not find the already downloaded layout. On the other hand if the network cut appears during the current distribution no problems. That it is necessary to make to keep the medias with or without network. The player having no record but a Rom of 8 gigas, can we manage the local Xibo library in Rom or external card sd?

You can go to Xibo for Android settings and tick the public storage then select storage from storage options (sd card for example).

In any case, it should cache downloaded content on the device’s selected storage.

When we will release R63, it will come with improvements regarding storage as well as other fixes.