Xibo on HTTPS without certificate

Hi Guys,

First things first, awesome product! Love it!
On the other hand, i’m having an issue with my setup, in an earlier topic I was advised to setup 2 different xibo installations if you want to work with multiple clients, so I did.

Current setup:
1 loadbalancer, which will forward my https / http traffic, which will only do name.domain.com and forward it to the right xibo instance.

Now, i have a second Xibo setup, forwarding works fine, however its now only working on http. So i just want to activate HTTPS (without certificate), as my loadbalancer will deal with certificates later on. I do however have problems with setting this up, any advice on what i can do?

Secondly, also working with XMR: i guess i’ll forward the 9505 traffic also through my loadbalancer (Zen), to the right domain, will this work, since its tcp:\domain:9505?

BTW: the reason i dont want to put a certificate on each instance, is firstly because my loadbalancer will handle it & secondly, letsencrypt will bring wildcards by the end of this month, which i wanna put on the Zen Loadbalancer.

Already thanks in advance!


You don’t need to change anything on the Xibo side.

Your load balancer will terminate SSL, so from Xibo, it’s just like it’s being accessed via http.

Most load balancers will inject suitable headers to let Xibo know it’s actually being accessed via HTTPS, and so its responses will include links to https resources where appropriate. It also means you can control whether https is forced or not from the CMS settings as normal.

The one Xibo is looking for is:

X-Forwarded-Proto: https

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply.
So basically, as soon as letsencrypt (lets say) have their wildcards available & i put one on my loadbalancer, xibo, will run on https?

Thanks man!


You could do, but most load balancers (certainly the ones I’ve worked with) will let you have multiple certificates loaded at the same time, so you’d just have one cert for the first CMS and one for the second. The load balancer will use the correct cert depending on the Host header.