Xibo on Google Cloud Platform

Is this possible? I’m just looking on GCP and there is a VM option for a container optimized OS - https://cloud.google.com/container-optimized-os/

“Includes Docker runtime, Kubernetes system, and Google Container Registry (GCR) for launching, managing, storing, and retrieving containers.”

Is that everything you need to run Xibo? It doesn’t mention Docker Compose though.

Sorry if I am completely missing the point. Docker (and VMs) are very new to me.

Kubernetes is a different kind of container orchestration system meant for large-scale container deployments. It probably is possible to use the container images we publish with those, but I would expect there to be some work to get it working completely. As you’ve identified, Kubernetes doesn’t use docker-compose files, so at the very least the definition of the containers and how they link would have to be recreated.

If you’re new to this, then a KVM-based virtual machine (usually called a VPS - or Virtual Private Server), running Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit, and the guide linked below will probably be your easiest route. As far as I know, you can run Ubuntu VMs on Google’s Cloud system. If not, there are many alternatives that will allow you to - Vultr, Digital Ocean, Linnode to name a few. Avoid OpenVZ based VPSes as some providers won’t enable the kernel modules required to run Docker inside those.

I’ve been playing Xibo deployments for clients and I tried to put it in their cloud. I’m new to Google Cloud, but it does not appear you can deploy this as an app. I could be doing something wrong so I wanted to post and check.

The docker-compose.yml file is designed to be processed by docker-compose. I’m not familiar with the gcloud program, but you would need to seek support for it from Google directly I’m afraid.

We don’t intend our files to be processed by that and haven’t tested them in that regard.

Moriartyservices - Its because you are trying to deploy a docker container through gcloud app deploy. You will have to create an VM instance of Ubuntu 16.04(minimal) and then SSH into the machine. From there you can install Docker-Compose, download the Xibo package and then run docker-compose up to get it to run on GCP.

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