Xibo on docker: Upload of large files resume error request entity too large

#CMS Version
3.1.4 (Docker)

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Unknown error while uploading a file over 2 GB.

Hello together,

I’m using the Xibo CMS 3.1.4 on a Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS installed via the standard Xibo Docker package. I’m not using a proxy server.

I’ve changed the PHP settings in the config.env file to the following,


but when I upload a file with 3,5 GB it always stops with unknown error sometimes at 50% oder 80%. At 3 or 4 times the upload has reached 100%, but finished with the error Request Entity Too Large.

On the virtual machine where the docker container is running are 5G space available.

What can I check? Is it an issue of the apache configuration within the docker container?

Hey there,

I found the solution. Just place LimitRequestBody 0 in the .htaccess file in your Xibo web folder then restart your docker container.


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