Xibo on Docker for Windows stops on user logout

I am not clear on how Xibo and Docker are supposed to work together - hopefully I have something configured incorrectly.
I successfully upgraded and switched to Docker/xibo 1.8.4 on a fresh install of Win 10 pro. Was able to get everything up and working so far. When logged in to the system as the user that installed Docker/xibo we are able to log in to Xibo on localhost and from other systems on the network. If we log out of the system - xibo is no longer accessible from any other system. If we log back into the system - I am unable to access xibo on localhost (or any other system). If the docker-compose stop and start is done, the start is unsuccessful. If the system is restarted and then the docker-compose stop and start is performed, we can again access xibo on localhost and other systems. Is there some configuration I am missing? Should I not expect xibo to be accessible from other systems if the user is logged out? Is this normal behavior for this type of install?

That depends what you mean by that, if the PC on which the docker is installed is not available on the network (ie the PC powered off / sleep / logged out) then that is expected if you just mean you logged out of the CMS itself on the PC with docker then it should still be available on the network.

Basically as long as the device on which you have the CMS is online then you should be able to access the CMS without issues. (the same would be true for xampp or other web server not only for docker)

If you need to do stop/start after reboot, I assume that’s docker for windows installation?
Other than https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_docker_win10_64bit.html#special_considerations
we are no aware of any other issues directly related to this type of docker installation.

It is a Docker for Windows installation. When the user that installed docker/xibo is logged out, the computer is still powered on and running and is on the network, When logged out, the xibo web site does not respond from any other system on the network. (the web server is not running - docker shuts down on logout)
We upgraded from an xampp installation and did not have any issues with the web server stopping on user logout. How do we keep the Docker based web server up and running on logout?

To clarify - I mean when the user is logged out of the computer.
If the user just logs out of xibo and remains logged into the computer, xibo is still available on the network.

Sounds like you are running docker for windows under a user account and not under the system or local service account(s). This would explain why it stops running (the docker services and thus the xibo CMS console) when the user it is running under signs out.

This might help: How to Run Docker Daemon as a Windows Service

or perhaps this: