Xibo not backing up

Currently running Xibo 2.3.8 with Docker on Ubuntu lts 22.04.1, and it’s been fine for the past year or more.

Was going to upgrade Xibo today, when I noticed part of the instructions refer to a backup file that should have been created every 24 hours.

/opt/xibo/shared/db is an empty directory.

there is also no /etc/cron.daily/cms-db-backup.

Everything I find here says that that should have been created automatically with the docker install. It appears mine wasn’t. What can I do to resolve this? If I upgrade xibo, I lose all my layout files, which is what the documentation suggests will happen if I don’t have a backup.

Hi, welcome to the Community!

/opt/xibo/shared/backup/db is correct assuming it’s installed in /opt/xibo

If you have installed it somewhere else then that location changes relatively, for example if you have installed in /home/user it would be /home/user/shared/backup/db

As /etc/cron.daily/cms-db-backup is inside the container, you would not see that.

yes, it is installed in /opt/xibo

Any suggestions on how to get these backups working?