Xibo Multiple Screens

Hello hope you are well?

I have been trying to get a windows Xibo player to run on 3 separate screens connected to one PC.
I have managed to get 3 instances running simultaneously which come up as three separate displays in the Xibo CMS.

However on the third one after authorising it and scheduling a layout this never seems to take effect on the third display. What i mean is the library never populates with the images of the layout i have scheduled against it.

The display in question just remains in a state of updating with the cloud icon. When i view the stats of the display so i can identify the progress of the layout updating to the display this is entirely blank.

Could someone assist me if possible please?
Many Thanks,

I can see on the client information that it cannot find the RequiredFiles.xml file
Should this not download from the Xibo CMS?