Xibo - Maximum Display Supportable

Hi Staff,
I have been using Xibo these days for my company’s project. Its great.
Now, I have a plan to extend the boundary of a project using Xibo. Hence, there is one doubt in my head that did you guys (Xibo’s staff) test the maximum number of Displays (Screens) that Xibo can support? The number of displays of my project could reach the number of 3000.
Any info about Xibo Client’s stress test would be appriciated.

Long Luu

There are no hard limits within Xibo itself, in theory any number of displays should work, however it will be hardware(server) dependant, as it would be under a heavy load with that many players.

We do have CMS Instances with well over 1k displays in our hosting and so far there are no issues with them.

Thank Peter :slight_smile:
Have a nice day.