Xibo Maintenance Script on Centos 7 Server not working [Wake On Lan Schedule]

We have Xibo Server installed on a CentOS 7 (64 bit) Server.
We want to use Wake On Lan to Wake Up or Client Computers (Intel NUC, with Windows 10 Enterprise and Xibo Player installed). When we manually Wake Up the Computers from the Xibo Web Interface, The are turning on correctly. We have set a schedule to wake up every morning at 7:15 (Dutch Time, 24 Hour).
The schedule is not working. We read that the maintenance script needs to be configured before using scheduled Wake On Lan. We tried, using this guide, http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/cms_maintenance.html, to create a Cron Job. However, it seems to be not working. Can someone guide us through creating a working cron job for the maintenance script? Everyting else is working fine.

The guide you link already contains that information

*/5 * * * * wget -q -O /dev/null http://example.com/Xibo/maintenance.php?key=changeme

If you already added that then either cron isn’t running properly on your system or that command hasn’t been added to the right place.

Thanks for your answer. Where in cron do we have to enter this command? We have the folders cron.d, cron.hourly, cron.daily, cron.weekly and cron.monthly in the folder /etc. We put the command you gave us in the folder cron.hourly, In a file called xibo.cron, but it is not working. Do you know how to enable cron on CentOS? If we run the command from the terminal to test it, it doesn’t work either. Unfortunately we dont know what to do next.

Dear Alex, the problem is solved, with thanks to you. Our cron job was not executable, so nothing was carried out. The command */5 * * * * wget -q -O /dev/null http://example.com/Xibo/maintenance.php?key=changeme worked perfectly. After that, we ran /etc/cron.daily and chmod 777 xibo.cron so it became executable. Many thanks again for your quick support!

have a nice day!

OK. Glad you got it sorted.

If you look at the guide in detail though it explains where to put that - by running crontab -e - which adds the job to cron without needing to create files or make them executable. The devil is in the detail, but it is all there!