Xibo License/Display and Layou


Good morning,

As of yesterday we deployed 5 Amazon Fire Stick 4k and side loaded Xibo Android v1.8_R108. I had tested this out with one device and having one layout tied to it and it worked perfect. I also was able to license the first one I setup. However, below are the issues I am having:

  1. I purchased 5 license about 2 days ago and I am unable to “License” each device. It says that I still need to purchase it. I have restarted the devices, check the network connection and verified email address. Not sure what’s happening. Also, is there a way to see which device is licensed and which isn’t?

  2. Like I said, I have a total of 5 devices and I have created 5 layout, one for each display. However, despite assigning a default to each display, the layouts keep switching on all displays. I have tried manually scheduling a layout to a display and it will show for 5 minutes than start going through the various layouts I have built.

  • Lastly, I’ve read a couple blogs on this site concerning portrait mode on Xibo. I tried this on the Fire Stick 4K setting for Xibo and I can’t tell if this device supports it or not due to issue 2. Do you have any insight on this?


This issue was resolved at the Xibo Help desk.

Many Thanks.