Xibo installer problem

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I’m french new user of Xibo and have problem installing it :frowning: :
Is there the message after connecting on http://192.168.1.X/XiBO/install.php

Filesystem Permissions
Xibo needs to be able to write to the following:

Please fix this, and retest.

I don’t find where to change the Permission (probably in phpMyAdmin…)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Whatever user your web server is running as needs write permissions to Xibo root instillation folder.
How that user is called and how to assign this permission depends on your web server.

On Linux that might be the user apache or www-data or httpd depending on your distribution.
On Windows that could be the SYSTEM account, or your IIS user, or an actual user if you’re running your LAMP stack as the user you’re logged in as.

There are couple of topics on this site regarding this problem and specific web server.

What operating system is your server running? Once we know that, specific directions can be posted to help you get the permissions fixed.