Xibo in docker installation reg


I am new to xibo docker installation .

I was using the web server.

Now i installed successfully in docker .

What is the path/cms address i have to give in player .

is it the IP address of my CMS installed PC(ie /xibo-docker ) or Virtual box ip adress (ie

pls help me

Depends, if you have docker for linux/windows or docker toolbox.

first case - ip of the pc/server on which you have it installed on.
toolbox - docker toolbox IP, which you can get by running docker-machine ip

For more information please see https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_cms.html and the relevant instructions for your environment.

I am using windows 8 docker toolbox.

Now i am able to connect and use the CMS .
My problem is my data base is not adding in the shared folder .
If i am restarting the systems all datas are going and it looks like fresh installation.

Pls help me to create data base folder .

what i did is in my c/user/xibo-docker i just put one shared folder (named shared)
but i am adding the data it is not getting saved.Is there any path to be given

pls advise