Xibo HTML client


We are planning to install several Xibo clients at the office (3+ TVs) so that the employees can look at them from time to time.

Since we have a large building, the best scenario would be that the each employee could look in real-time, from their desk, what is shown on the TVs.

Is there any kind of HTML client for Xibo?
I saw this tread but it’s dating from 6 years ago.

Any news about that?

Thank you.

There’s no plans for a pure HTML Player. A web browser alone doesn’t offer all the functionality we need to build a viable Player.

You can preview a layout from the CMS in HTML, but it’s not exactly the same as running on a Player. If they want to see what’s happening on the TVs then they could either remotely look at the TV using something like VNC Server/Viewer or they can request screenshot from inside the CMS which will request the Player upload a screenshot of the current view on the TV.

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