Xibo has a database connection problem. (had check out old solution, problem still exist)

had not change the database host, user, password and name…
desperately need help

You’d need to use a different database name. You’re basically running two instances of Xibo on the same machine so they can’t both use the database called Xibo.

the problem still exist…

What problem?

Please be precise about what you’re doing and what results you get

Another instances have been deleted but this “Xibo has a database connection problem.” still occur.

If Xibo says that it can’t connect to the database, then the details stored in settings.php are incorrect. Please correct the database host name, username and password there.

I’m having the same error: Database connection problem.

But I do have two Xibo servers connecting to the same database. Only in the past this worked.
Any changes I made on the first server were also visible on the second.

Is it really the problem that Xibo cannot use two servers connecting to the same database?

It’s certainly not a configuration we’d recommend or be able to support.

Fundamentally, the CMS will use the settings in the settings.php file to connect. If that’s failing, then the details there are wrong and need to be corrected.

There exactly the same on both servers, but thanks.

Are both servers installed on the same machine?

If not then the MySQL grants will need to be adjusted to give the remote machine access to the database. If you solve the problem at the SQL server that’s preventing the connection then Xibo will be able to connect.