Xibo going black on LG WP400 players

We have some WP400 players from LG using Xibo as signage solution.

After about 1-2h of normal behaviour they show a notification on the top right that they need to reboot to clear up space. When they do that, they don’t send a signal anymore.
Ping still works and you can still access them on their webOS control center using a browser.

On a related note, if a webcam is loaded in a layout, the controls are briefly shown then the image turns black. If a webcam is loaded when the layout starts, this does not occur, only if the webcam is loaded in later.

The WP320 players we are using don’t have those problems.

We are using Xibo 2.0.4
webOS Application is code version 202

If you need more specific information, please ask.