Xibo for own webserver

Hello everyone,

I want to update my Xibo 1.7.6 version to 1.8. Unfortunately i cant find the install package for a Apache environment.
The only thing I find is the installation for docker.

If possible i want to use my Apache which runs on a windows 7 machine.

Best regards

Right, I believe we have only the xibo-docker on the main page available to download?

In this case, please have a look at GitHub where all the releases are - https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-cms/releases/tag/1.8.2

You will want to download the ‘xibo-cms-1.8.2’ tar.gz or .zip archive
Then since you do not want to switch to docker, please follow instructions here https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/upgrade_custom.html