Xibo for Linux 1.8 R5 release candidate (rev 40/41)

I am pleased to announce that we have moved r40 into the candidate channel for final testing. We are expecting the following problems to be solved by this revision:

To update:

snap refresh xibo-player --channel=candidate

Any feedback on the above solved issues would be most appreciated.

Good morning Dan.
I was the one who reported the error β€œ153: GStreamer gst_poll_read_control assert error after long playback - CentOS 7”.
weeks ago I am testing revision 39 and 40.
update to the candidate version and the result was the same, I have an unstable revision.
I am using the same installation of centos 7, I don’t change anything, just the revision.

written with google translator.

That is a shame - thanks for the feedback. We will take another look.

We have released r41 into edge for testing which has a new build process.

great, I already update and tes

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Good morning Dan.
when you let me know that there was a new revision, I updated it.
I attached two images.
-the first one is yesterday
-the second is from today.
with revision 41 the result is the same.

the installations that I have with 1.8 R3 do not present this problem, they all respond to the same xibo server
many thanks

written with google translator

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