Xibo for Android v2 R200


writes this link is Philips led control in Xibo CMS version 2.0

When we use Xibo for Android v2 R200, we need to make a different setting.I wanted to use the led lights calander module


Thank you for your message and apologies for the delayed reply to your post.

Below is a list of LED control Commands, which have been tested on the Philips 10BDL3051T/02. You can create the Commands in the same way you would for any other Command.




Can you confirm the model number of the Philips device you are using?

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Hi Dan,

We use Philips 10BDL3051T. We want the LEDs to work in the meeting system. I want to be lit red while the meeting room is busy. How can we do this

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It looks like you have listed the same model that I mentioned in my reply. Have you tried using the Commands I passed on in my message?

As mentioned in the Guide I provided a link to, you will first need to set up the commands in your CMS. Once you have done this, you can schedule those Commands using the Schedule option in your CMS. If you want the Red light to show for a period of time, simply create an Event that will run the command for the red light, starting at the time you want it to. You can then schedule a Command to change it to a different colour or turn off at the time when the meeting room is no longer busy.

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Hi Dan ,

Thank you for the answer.According to the answer that I have to do a time planning for each meeting. When I use Calendar module will not work automatically led change