Xibo for Android on Google TV possible?

Can de Xibo player for Android be installed on the new Google TV dongle?
Anyone has experience to share?


Wow, this should be possible, I don’t have the new chrome tv to test this out.

Share your experience with us!

I just set up a quick test environment and did not test all posibilities, but seems to work pretty well following the mentioned ‘developer’ approach.

  • Default layout loks ok.
  • Countdown and clock are looking good.
  • External web page loads just fine.

Some observations:

  • Xibo doesn’t seems to get an icon on the startpage, but can be launched with file manager.
  • Onboard memory will for sure be a limiting factor.

I have exactly the same thing for normal Android TV
Opened a week ago a post to get the developers to look into that.

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