Xibo for Android exits/crashes because of some .jpg

I had one template with .jpg and video. All .jpg file are same format and everything worked fine until I added two more .jpg to template. After this moment Xibo for Android stops working after an exact duration of time [30 min.] on all players. I removed the new image and everything works fine. But i don’t understand why stops after I inserted the new image.
Any idea?

It could be the resolution of the images.

Print ready images tend to be 300dpi and that resolution is too high for most on-screen display on Android devices. There’s simply not the memory available on there to deal with them. Please check the image is 72 or 96dpi resolution and you should find they work as expected.

Thanks for your quick reply.

All images are 72 dpi. I know that is something wrong with that image or maybe something happens with layout after this modification…something with duration, i don’t know.

This last image has same properties as old images that are currently running in layout.

Are you able to share the image that’s problematic?

You can download it:


Nothing jumps out.

So if you schedule that image on your Android player on its own, it will exit to the desktop straight away?