Xibo for Android 1.8 R103 Available

Come and get the 9 improvements and bug fixes in our Xibo for Android 1.8 R103 release!

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Please explane main difference between two versions: R103 and R103 for DSDevices?
What do you meen as “DSDevices”? Is it only for devices from shop DSDevices.com?

Yes, there is a separate build for players sold on the dsdevices website. I might also mention, these are GREAT players.

The DSDevices build is a system-signed application for the DSC J1800 and DSC J1900 only, which allows Xibo to be upgraded automatically from the CMS without the device being rooted.

The DSCS9 uses the standard build as it comes pre-rooted.

Is it possible to run the new CMS with the Client Android Version “android 1.8-102” or do I need “android 1.8-103”?

Thanks, Mark

Yes Xibo for Android R102 will work with 1.8.3 CMS.

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Agreed! I have about 50 in use and love them.

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