Xibo extremely slow on IIS... how to debug?

We’ve been running Xibo on IIS for a couple of months. We’re using PHP 5.6 and IIS 7.5.

Everything has been smooth until the last couple of days. Suddenly it’s working at a crawl. I’ve narrowed the issue down to Xibo. If I separate the other websites into different app pools they don’t have a problem. Once Xibo is in the same app pool everything just starts hanging - it can take several minutes to load a single page. Note that it runs fine for about 10 seconds or so once I restart the app pool, then everything just kind of seizes up.

Any thoughts? I have no idea how to track this issue down. I don’t see anything in the IIS logs.

I tried upgrading to PHP 7 as well but it just threw a bunch of errors, so I went back to 5.6

Update… turned out the issue wasn’t Xibo. Just can’t figure out how to delete this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of curiosity, what was the underlying issue?

I had a reverse proxy set up on the IIS server I was using for Xibo. The reason for the reverse proxy is to provide Xibo with some content that’s behind a firewall.

The app pool in IIS only had a single thread, and one of the pages in the reverse proxy was hanging. So it caused everything else, including Xibo to seize up. I still haven’t figured out what’s causing the page to hang, but I increased the number of threads in the app pool to 10 and now it’s working smoothly.