Xibo error Cache path is not writable. On Windows


I try to update the Xibo CMS 1.8.3 to 2.3.0, but when I try acces to the web site, returns

Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn’t happen. Cache path is not writable.

Xibo CMS is installed on Windows Server IIS with PHP 7.2, I add permissions everyone, but the error stills…

What is the real solution? The folder cache exists!!



Xibo needs to create files in the /cache folder which is inside the installation folder and in where ever you’ve configured your library folder to be. At present those locations are not writable, and therefore you get the error.

I believe you need to grant permissions specifically for the IIS user

The IIS user have the correct permissions, the folder exists in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\xibo, the folder is required in another subfolder?

EDIT: Solved, apply the permissions in all folders.

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