Xibo Display showing GMT time not the system time

Hi ,
I have Xibo Client 1.6 on Ubuntu 14.04.The time on the xibo display showing is in GMT time not the system time(for now my system is showing Indian time) .
Please help me on this.

You really should consider updating your CMS and player to currently supported versions (at least 1.7.9), I appreciate that linux client is not supported at this point (but will be with our new cross-platform player), but we have no sane way to test early 1.6 series with 1.6 beta player that wasn’t touched for years now.

You can check regional settings in CMS to make sure it’s set to what you need - you can also adjust offset on clock module (I really don’t remember if you can in 1.6 to be honest).

The timezone I set in CMS is same as on the system but still the time on the display is showing GMT time

Ya, I understand regarding updating CMS. But due to my project requirement on Ubuntu I am working on this version.

Please reply.