Xibo Display Not Updating After Duration

I’m having trouble with getting a Windows client (running Xibo 2.0.3) to update properly after making a change to the layout. I can make just a simple change to a text box and the display never updates automatically. The only way that I can get it to update is if I go to Displays, Edit the Display, and then click Save.

In the Display Settings, I have it set to check for new content every 1 minute and I have it set to “Expire Modified Layouts”. The layout is 5 minutes in length, so even if I wait the full 5 minutes the text that I have changed does not update on the Display.

When I press “i” to get into the Client Information screen, I’m not seeing any errors. All media shows as 100% and it’s inside the download window.

I am not using a “Campaign” - I simply have the Layout just assigned as the default layout on the Display.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!