Xibo Data set remote


I have a problem with data set remote
I have installed a xibo 1.8.1 with xamp on Win10.
Now I have to add one *.json via dataset remotely… so that I can update the data automatically every hour.
Task job on Windows was set up for php and xibo updated the table 2 times.
Since then it does not work anymore.
The data fetch shows me only sporadically (1 or 2 times a day) that it has synchronized but the table is not filled… and remains with old entries

It is not the json… because it is correctly resolved with new data in the data set.
Errors in php are not in the log Task task does not show any errors 0x0
The whole thing is shown in the layout as a ticket

Do you have any idea what or where I can start to solve this problem

THX for Help


Cann be closed … i found error in dataflech task