Xibo data set refresh rate

Hi I am using Xibo 1.7.8 version. I am encountering an issue with data set refresh rate and require some advice.

I create a DataSet with 60 rows of mock data, and create a layout with DataSet view object. The DataSet view is configured with 30 seconds Duration setting, 60 mins Update Interval Setting, and 30 Rows per page. Inside the layout, I have also placed an Image view with 10 seconds rotation to the next image, and a Marquee Left Text view of 300 seconds Duration.

When I preview the layout, I notice that the DataSet view displays the first 30 rows, and after 15 seconds it flips to the next page with the second 30 rows, instead of the 30 seconds Duration setting. So my question is, which attribute for the next data refresh I should be looking at correctly?

Thank you for your feedback.

I found out that the calculation (duration to flip per page) was based on the following:

Duration to flip per page = DataSet view Duration / (total number of rows recorded in dataset / DataSet view Rows per page)

Do correct me if I am wrong.

That’s the duration for a whole item, ie in those 30s it will display all records from your dataset.
If it’s 30per page and 60 total ie there are 2 pages, each page as you noticed will be on the screen for 15s.

So it depends on how many pages (rows per page) you have, if you’d have 10 rows per page, there would be 6 pages.
In which case each page would be on the screen for 5s.

Noted with thanks on your detailed explanation!

Hello Peter, if say, I have 3 items in one layout, for e.g. one image (duration 10 seconds), one text scroller at bottom (duration 120 seconds), and one data set (duration 20 seconds, update interval 1 min), I notice that if I updated my data set’s data, the data set does not update in 1 minute time.

So, can I check with you how does the update interval in data set work?

Assuming that all 3 items are in separate regions.

It will update when the layout reloads - after region with the longest duration end (120s in your case).

You can add something (even duplicate dataset item) to region with dataset, then it should update according to the dataset update interval.

Yes all 3 items are in separate regions.

Is it possible that each region runs its own duration / timer to update?

For instance, if I set the duration for text scroller to 5 minutes (or longer, if the content does not change), the data in dataset will have to wait 5 minutes or longer in order to update. Is there a workaround for this case?

Thank you for your advice.