Xibo crashes after Powerpoint display

We use a HDMI stick (Intel Compute stick like) with Xibo and everything worked well until last 2 weeks.

At each reset, Xibo works fine until the Powerpoint presentation : many dialbox with something like “safe mode could help you to troubleshoot the problem, do you want to start in safe mode?” appear. And then, when it is time to show a webpage, the famous blank page with the message “this page can’t be displayed” appear.

I have checked FiletypesMan options (for the ppt extensions) and everything is well set up.
Powerpoint version is 2010.
Windows version is Windows 10.
Xibo version is 1.7.XX (I don’t remember but it should be the latest stable version as we use cloud Xibo).

I don’t understand what happen, please could you help ?
Thank you.

Please have a look here http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/media_module_powerpoint.html#machine_preparation

Could you check if those registry entries are there, you can also try to disable windows error notifications and Office Application Error reporting.

That does not seem like Xibo error, so at a guess there will be nothing in player/cms logs about it.
Although you can check logs for errors.

Alternatively, you could save your presentation as a video and use video module in Xibo to show it (as we recommend).