Xibo CMS Server Sizing

Dear Support,

I need recommendation to size the CMS Server.

Hosted on Ubuntu 12.04.5 (32-bit).

Please recommend the server specs (RAM, CPU, HDD) and MySQL database usage (MB).

To run this scenario:

10 display groups.
Each display groups has 2 displays.
Each display group has 2 users.
Each display will run 1 common layout and 1 group layout.

The common layout consist of 3 JPGs (1 MB each), 3 videos (1 GB each), 1 background (1 MB), 1 RSS ticker, and 1 text stroller (1000 characters).

The group layout consist of 3 JPGs (1 MB each), 3 videos (1 GB each), 1 background (1 MB), 1 RSS ticker (URL length is 100 characters), and 1 text stroller (1000 characters).

The main layout and group layout will change to a new layout, 3 times in a month.

  1. What is the CMS server specification (CPU, num of cores, memory, HDD space) recommended?
  2. What is the MySQL DB usage in MB?


It’s almost an impossible question to answer.

There’s so many variables.

For 20 clients, a fairly modest machine should do. The only way you’ll know for sure though is to setup a CMS with one Player and run model workloads through it and measure the usage.

MySQL usage depends massively on whether you collect stats, what logging settings you’ve got turned on, how many errors you get from your Players returned etc etc

I am a new to Xibo community and I have the same issue. While I am learning to use the system, I will need to buy a server to host the CMS. What hardware spec should I start with?

Do you have any typical server configurations that is useful to beginners like me?

Referring to your statement “The only way… and measure the usage”, do you have the steps on how and what to measure?

Thank you.

You’d need to measure the bandwidth usage, CPU and memory utilisation.

Exactly how you do that is why you’d use an experienced systems administrator if your system is in any way important to you, or use the services of a company with the expertise required to host a solution for you.

I’m with Alex. It’s hard to say, but here is an example of my environment (Ubuntu 14.04 1.7.1 CMS). I have 19 displays, some doing video, some web content, some images, etc. The Client does most of the work while the CMS just delivers content and instructs (at intervals you define).

My CMS is a virtual guest with the following utilization for 19 clients. 1st image CPU load (2 proc 2.5 GHz) 2nd image memory utilization. As far as disk utilization, that depends on the size and amount of content you upload.