Xibo CMS on Windows, Service stops at system restart

Hello all,

Can anyone help?

Been using Xibo with XAMPP for years and it was relatively straightforward to create a service that, when your device/server automatically reboots, the Xibo service would start back up without requiring login.

I’m impressed by the newer features (fades and whatnot!) provided by the Docker server variant. I’ve deployed it to a separate device and it works really well EXCEPT that when the server has a forced reboot, Docker or it’s containers don’t start and run prior to log in.

This is a problem as we constantly have updates being rolled out (as should everyone!) but I don’t baby-sit the server.

Things I’ve tried:

Setting the Docker service.msc to automatic and restarted it, then rebooted.

Created a .cmd script and added it to Task Scheduler. That script contains the ol’
cd C:\xibo\xibo.3.0.0
docker-compose stop/start
…commands as were detailed in the manual.

Some have advised waiting 15minutes for things to start automatically. I’ve been waiting a day :smiley:

Still no luck!
Do I need to create a local admin account and add it to the Docker users group, then force the Docker service to run as that user?

Doing this sort of thing is “a little much”.

Any advice I’d be much obliged!

Hi and welcome to the Community!

Docker on Windows requires that you log in and unfortunately there is no official way around that.

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