Xibo CMS Docker and Google SAML idp Field Mapping

I managed to get Xibo CMS working with Google Workspace SAML idp however I want to map the user’s first name, last name, and phone number. Can anyone advise with the proper field names to map? The attribute mapping in settings-custom.php only has the UserID, usertypeid, UserName, email.

I created the mapping definitions in Google SAML settings but when I attempt to map it out it unforutnately doesn’t populate the fields.

‘mapping’ => array (
‘UserID’ => ‘’,
‘usertypeid’ => ‘’,
‘UserName’ => ‘uid’,
‘email’ => ‘email’,
‘FirstName’ => ‘firstname’
‘LastName’ => ‘lastname’
‘PhoneNumber’ => ‘phonenumber’

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