Xibo CMS 3.2.0 Docker - User unable to upload files


I am using a XIBO Docker installation on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

I have an instance running with two users in super admin group.
The first super-admin can upload files.
The second user which was created can’t upload files. “Unexpected Error, please contact support”

I can find the files then in /shared/cms/library/temp.

Can someone tell what the problem could be?

I got following errors in the error report:

Upload complete for name: sucht (10).mp4. Index is 0

Argument 1 passed to Xibo\Storage\PdoStorageService::newConnection() must be of the type string, null given, called in /var/www/cms/lib/Storage/PdoStorageService.php on line 163

Thank you!

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I created a whole new container instance and had the same problem.
just found out, that the issue only exists, if i create a library quota for the user.
No matter if it is 10 or 100GB, i always get an unexpected error.

Help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi, can you tell us what kind of docker deployment that you use?

Thank you so much!

Hi, I use the deployment as it is on (Xibo for Docker | Xibo Digital Signage).
no remote SQL-Server.
I use the docker container from your homepage and start ist with docker-compose.

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Did you use to download release from this release?


Yes i did.

When I upload a file, it says “unexpected error”. I can see the file under shared/cms/library/temp but it does not show up in the actual library

i also found out, that this only happens if the user has set a library quota.

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interesting, so the issues is happen when other user than admin upload the media right?

Can you do some change in users settings?

yes, but the other user, in this case, is also super admin.
If i create a library quota on the xibo_admin user, I have the same problem.

so the issue only exists, if a libraryQuota is set.

I can reproduce this problem on an other instance as well.
So either I am making a mistake or there is a Bug in the new Version.

This bug has been recorded here: Library: users with a library quota cannot upload · Issue #2889 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

Thanks a lot!
Best regards.

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