Xibo CMS 2.3.12 - Released

We are pleased to announce our 12th patch for the 2.3 version of Xibo. The codename for this version is “Wolf”.

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I am happy to see a FIX for an issue i reported on this forum few minutes after trying 2.3.11. changes made to layouts will take 30 min to 1 hour or never at all to be pushed to the players.

I went beck to try 2.3.9 and there was an error while saving changes made to main xibo settings…

then I run back again, using 2.3.8 now and I see the CLOCK or TIME doesnt work. it updates the time every 1 hour. example: right now the correct time is 11:00pm but the xibo player time module is showing as 10:09pm…then just now as i type, the time changed to 11:09pm and the correct time is 11:01pm…

I decided I will go back using 2.3.6 which worked great until i saw 2.3.12. and going to try now, hopefully, the RSS ticker issues got noticed and fixed…when I try to show image along with the text of the news, the text dont start from to top line of the image…it starts from the bottom, leaving a wasted space above it…even when i make the image as little as 7%. …2.3.6 works great for the RSS ticker with image.
when creating a new region, then region will go behind the existing region making it hard to see and click on it in both 2.3.11, 2.3.8. I dont recall such issue using 2.3.6
I didnt try 2.3.10 at all, 2.3.11 scared me lol…but so far so good…great effort and time spent by XIBO TEAM. just that there are minor issues from version to version.

I just setup the 2.3.12 and I get 502 error…bad gateway.:cry::cry::cry::cry: did i miss any step?

never mind, i got it sorted out…i made a mistake in the port settings custom ports

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