Xibo CMS - 2.1.1 Released

Announcing the first patch for the 2.1 version of Xibo. This patch solves 21 issues.
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Hey Xibo Team,
we found a Bug in the new Version.

I’ve you select a Tag and want to choose a values,
you can click anywhere else, the Tag Value Selection disapperas.


Thanks for your report.

Please can you give exact steps to replicate this and we’ll check it.

I’ve you Edit a Layout und enter a Tag, the “Tag-Value” Appear.
After this you click somewhere else than into the Value Field, the Dropdown Menu disappear.

I think that’s intended. Your tag value is set to optional so its valid to have no value set for it.

If you want to force it to have a value, then set the tag up so that its value is required.

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