Xibo-CMS-1.8.10 opensuse Leap

I have tried to install Xibo Signage on opensuse Leap 15.1
I see finally the page Welcome to the Xibo Installation with errors:
MySQL support must be enabled in PHP
Opensuse Leap 15 uses php7 and MariaDB there is no php-mysqli package anymore.
php7 does not support mysql anymore !

PHP Mcrypt extension to function.
There is no mcrypt or php7-mcrypt package for opensuse Leap 15.1
Why is it so difficult to install Xibo on opensuse these days ??

Install it years go on opensuse 12.3 with no problem.
Good old Suse days.

1.8 is fairly old now and as you’ve found doesn’t work with newer MySQL/PHP versions.

You can either run 1.8.10 with Docker in which case all of those dependencies are taken care of for you, or you can run a newer version (say 2.3) although we don’t directly support MariaDB so you may find you have issues there.

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