Xibo CMS 1.8.1 - Changing user type error

Changing user type from “SuperAdmin” to “User” shows the following error message:

User does not have permission for this homepage.

Basically as a super admin, user have access to all pages, including whatever page is set as the homepage.

As a normal user, that access is limited to page permissions assigned to said user or user group to which he belongs.
Which means that if that user/userGroup does not have permissions to the page set as a homepage, then you will see this ‘error’ message.

I have installed Xibo on a own (public ubuntu linux) webserver (not docker), it works, but when I create a new user (type user) I get the same error: “User does not have permission for this homepage” for any home page selected.

Where can I set / change the permissions for the different pages in the system or why can I not select the “Dashboard” as homepage?