Xibo CMS 1.7.3 - Loosing "Setting Profile"


First i want to apologize for my english :slight_smile:

We have currently have issue with the “Setting Profile” of some of our player (4 or 5 of 100+ Players).
They lose the " Setting Profile " on the server side, so that means that they’re not playing in our LED Resolution anymore, but play default full screen size of the computer.

The “SizeX” and “SizeY” in “XiboConfig” file are set to 0 instead of his old resolution.
The problem occurs with no particular condition, and we got no problem on our others players.

All our players are kindly the Same (Optiplex Micro 3020 or 3040)
The server is actually running in version 1.7.3

Is there any particular reason / cases of loosing the Setting Profile" ? Or, can we by-pass the server to force the resolution only in XiboConfig File ?

Thanks for reading me,

It would be good to update your CMS to 1.7.9 version and also use 1.7.9 (Windows) 1.7 R63 (Android) clients, then confirm that it’s still an issue.