XIBO-cloud in Greece

Has anyone implemented the cloud version in Greece? I try to create an account but it doesn’t let me. If it is not possible are you aware of any reliable reseller?

Are you saying that you can’t reach Spring Signage Customer Portal?

What kind of error do you see please and what browser do you use?

It could be better to discuss it via support ticket, but we can also talk about it here if you so prefer.

Can i use the Cloud version from Greece? I tried to register but i kept
getting the message “Unknown Country Code = [GR]”


Yes, it should work just fine.

Could you please tell or show me when exactly do you see this error? (here or via private message or support ticket).

I see you have an account in our Customer Portal registered with the same email address as here on the community site.
It seems it’s not activated account, I’ve sent you an activation email.

Once your account in our Portal will be active you should be able to order CMS Cloud hosting from the Shop page.

Dear Pete,

thank you for your immediate response. I used the link provided and managed
to log in.

thank you once more