Xibo client (Windows) not displaying correct size after reboot

After the daily reboot of a client machine running Windows 8 with resolution 1920 x 1080 the Xibo client is displaying smaller and taking only about 2/3 of the screen. After closing Xibo client and restarting, correct resolution shows. Xibo CMS server is version 1.7.4

That’s odd, I assume player dimensions in display profile in CMS are set to 0 0 (ie full screen)?

I’m not sure why it would behave like that, unless the PC itself has/had some resolution issues at the start.
Is it every day like that?

We would also strongly recommend you to upgrade both the CMS and player to 1.7.8 version, as soon as possible.

Hi Peter,

I actually have a white labeled older version windows client, does that
mean I have to purchase again to get an upgraded version?


Yes, that’s correct.

Windows White Label clients are built manually by us, that’s why you purchase it per version.

Unlike Android white labels which can be updated automatically in our Portal.

You can try to install 1.7.8 (non white label) and see if it will fix your problem then if it does you could order white label version of it.