Xibo Client does not start

Since 1 week the xibo Player does not start.

I have recently updated Docker and have updated xibo from version 11 to 12.

Does anyone know where I can make the XMR settings at Docker


Ok the client starts now but the error is still there.

Assumning the message only appears once then I think you can ignore it. Assuming the “last activity” time next to the XMR status line is increasing every 30 seconds, then XMR is working so I don’t think you have a problem.

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I try to include a video which automatically updates every day.
For this purpose, I have written a Python script. This script downloads the new file and overwrites the old one.
After overwriting I tried to start the Xibo Player but the player stuck at the start screen.
According to the info screen, the video will not be downloaded. There is a video in the Xibo Player folder
There are also two errors:
Unopenable Message: input too large for RSA cipcher and
Unopenable Message: unknown block type

So the message you get is telling you that either the date and time are wrong on the Player, or your XMR key is wrong on the CMS.

You can fix the XMR key by going in to the display on the CMS, editing it, and ticking “Reconfigure XMR”, and saving.

You cannot overwrite files in the CMS or Player library and expect that to work. The system will spot that they aren’t the correct file anymore. If you do it CMS side, then the Players will download the file over and over and never successfully download it (because the files don’t match the checksum and size they should be), and if you do it Player side, then the Player will download the old file from the CMS and put it back again.

If you want to automate changes, you must do it via the CMS API.

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