Xibo Client 1.8

Hi, recently upgraded to ubuntu docker cms1.8 with windows client 1.8.10 from 1.7.6 - we used to be able to open a html page from a link but in this new version clicking on the link opens the html page to the back of xibo. Is there anyway we could have the html page open in the front ?

Could you please clarify the issue for us?
Perhaps show us the issue and what you’d like to achieve

Pls excuse my late response. After further testing, we have uninstalled completely 1.7.6 and installed 1.8.10 - this feature is working for about a day. After that when we try to open the html page it opens behind xibo and is not seen unless we send ‘I’ keystroke to the player, then the html pages opens in front of xibo and is visible. We use javascritpt - open.window with html5 and css. We use embedded feature in the layout.

I can provide access to the system if you would like to take a look , any idea/advise are welcome. tnx.