Xibo Client 1.8.0 and 1.8.1 NetMQ.NetMQException

After about 2 hours of runtime I get this message with XMR status for multiple clients: NetMQ.NetMQException.
Up to this message, screen shots work without problems.

Custom Installation

Where do you get that message?

First, the XMR status is OK

Then it looks like this and then count the ports high.

And then after a time: XMR Status: NetMQ.NetMQException

The ports incrementing is normal. The Player will maintain a long running connection to the CMS, and if it’s disconnected, it will reconnect.

The first time after a player reboot, is no ports incrementing. Starts after some time.

Sounds as if it can’t connect to XMR correctly then - each port increment is a new connection to the service.

Could someone register his player in the CMS (server in the data center). So I could see if the xmr problem is in my home network or whether it is in the data center with firewall.

OK yes. I’ll connect a player up in a few minutes.

Can you get a list of Ports in use, and their state? I wonder if the application is consuming all available ports for some reason.